Our company

History of the company

  • 1997- In cooperation with the German company OptiNorm, the company JK Slovakia is created /separated from Glastroj, a.s./.
  • 1997- Implementation and mechanisation of production, education of workers and designers in the special 3DCadWork programme, solution of details and specifications of architecture and construction in Germany, reconstruction of production halls, implementation of new processes, training of workers.
  • 1998- Membership in the German society for prefabricated houses and completed houses with the seat in Bad Honnef /Bundes Gutgemeinschaft fuer Montagebau und Fertigäuser/. Becoming a member, JK Slovakia is committed to respect the strict German standards DIN /Deutsches Institut fuer Normung/.
  • 1998- JK Slovakia constructed its first family house in Berlin.
  • 1999- The 50. house /Beccard/ is built in Konigs at Erfurt.
  • 2000- Cooperation with the German company producing prefabricated constructions Commoda, the first prefabricated house is built in  Slovakia.
  • 2002- Construction of prefabricated houses in Košice-Barca.
  • 2004- Cooperation with Nik Karavidas and construction of family houses in Germany – in Eitorf at Bonn.
  • 2006- Construction of the family house projected by architect Mihalov, who was awarded CA.ZA.AR. for architecture in 2010 /Slovak Oscar for architecture/.
  • 2008- Construction of the house for  Mrs. Jasmina Randelovič in Danemark, on the Sjaelland Island, in Ubby at Kalunborg.
  • 2010- Construction of the first passive house in Vlková at Kežmarok /SK/.
  • 2013- Member of the ZSDSR /Association of processors of wood in Slovakia/.