What is a prefabricated house?

What is a prefabricated house?

The prefabricated houses are constructed from timber balks /new support system/, isolation materials, and OSB eco-boards. The composition has been examined for years, as this way of construction has been used for decades all over the world.

Where in the world have been the prefabricated houses built?

Prefabricated houses represent one of the mostly widespread technologies of construction of family houses, their popularity has been rising constantly. This way of construction has been used for decades in:

  • Finland and Scandinavia
  • Germany and Austria
  • North America /USA and Canada/
  • Australia

Modern technologies make it possible to constuct prefabricated houses of higher quality, better acoustic and thermic isolation. Handcrafted quality of panels and their assemblying represent the higher level as well.


What are the advantages of prefabricated houses?

Using prefabricated panels for construction brings many advantages:

  • Posibility of realising practically every construction and architecture
  • High construction tempo because of dry construction process
  • High energy savings for heating
  • Using of eco-materials – wood/timber/
  • Recyclability
  • Perfect acoustic features
  • Low weight of the construction


How is the construction process of the prefabricated houses?

  1. Implementing our system, the construction is decomposed into individual panels thanks to our special projection programme. Mechanical drawing is prepared for every panel. Further, individual panels are completed in the production halls of our company.
  2. Completed panels are transported to the construction site, where the base plate has already been prepared. Using the crane, we assembly individual panels on the base plate and the prefabricated house is completed. The panels are anchored using special anchors.
  3. Next step is external thermoinsulation, indoors are done works concerning water and electricity supply, sewage pipes, and heating. Screeds and gypsum plastboard constructions are realised as well. After having completed such a house, it is difficult for one amateur to distinguish the prefabricated house from a brick house. Present materials are of a very high quality so the intimate feeling of the house could be perfect.


What from are the panels made?

The panels from which the house is constructed, are fabricated in the company JK Slovakia. The basic construction materials are timber balks KVH, split wood /OB3/ and gypsum plastboards, thermoisolation material ROCKWOOL, ISOVER, ORSIL, NOBASIL, KVH. Construction wood is spruce – dried, planed, tinned. KVH – is a construction spruce sawn wood . The production of KVH is controlled, humidity is 15% – 18%. Artificial drying eliminates changes in the construction.